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As a child I used to listen to the radio under the covers when I couldn’t get to sleep.  Or I’d leave the cassette on to record to listen to the programme later, only to be woken up when the machine went ‘clunk’ as the tape ran out.  That early love for the wireless has never left me, although it was only when my university tutor said “Why don’t you go and work for the BBC?” that the light went on. 


I ended up working for Radio 3, indulging my love of music, and then was lucky enough to get a place on the BBC’s journalist trainee course.  I’ve been making features ever since, for BBC Radio 4 programmes including Woman’s Hour, You and Yours, The Food Programme, Home Truths and Saturday Live, as well as Radio 3’s The Choir and Music Review and the Music Biz on the World Service.